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Basement Finishing Gallery Continued
Additional photos of Basement finishes and remodels. We have done a large number of basement finishes and will continue to add pictures to demonstrate the variety of work we have done as well as provide ideas for you in your projects.

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This was a basement finish of an entryway. Even in tight spaces there is much we can do to add to the feeling of an extension to your home.

This was a 100 year old home we completed a basement finish, or better yet basement remodel on. After a number of pipe moves and teardowns we achieved a well sized room. With older homes the time spent during a basement finish to move the existing pipes and wiring pays off.

This is the stairway to the basement finish in the 100 year old home shown above. These stairs were small and difficult to navigate into the basement. After the basement remodel they made the basement feel like a real extension of the home.

This stairway does not fit in perfectly with the basement finishing section, but demonstrates the options of opening a lower floor to an upper floor during a remodel. This was a tri-level home we opened up significantly during the remodel, the stairway was redone and finished in a rustic railing.