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Basement Finishing Gallery
Provided below are a number of basement finishing jobs we have done. When possible the basement finishing jobs include before and after pictures.

Click picture for close up view

This stairway into the basement was redesigned. The large support in this basement finish was initially covered with drywall. In this basement finish we replaced the drywall with a column cover.

The main basement room was redone with all woodwork custom made by us. The basement was initially finished and was a comfortable space, but we took this basement finish to a new level.

A bar and cabinetry was also custom crafted by us to complete the basement bar. The flat screen behind the bar and corresponding wainscoting and woodwork throughout this basement remodel really made for a spectacular room.

The wood panel ceiling as well as new column covers were custom made. Basement finishing does not need to stop with just plain walls and ceiling. We did significant woodwork during this basement finish and the end result was a room many of us would envy in the main portions of our homes.

Wow this was a great project. We will probably put a link in for this project specifically, as the details and overall design were absolutely beautiful. This may not specifically fit in the basement finishing section as it is a lower floor redesign, but I couldn't help include it. It would be spectacular in a basement finish or main home remodel. The wood floor includes hand inlaid glass tile as well as glass tile risers on the stairs.

We built this fireplace mantle and cabinet build as part of a basement remodel. Fireplaces can work very well in a basement remodel. We can core a hole in the concrete wall and take the venting out through the ground to insure appropriate ventilation.